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Get Close To Nature On Lord Howe Island

Nowadays most of us live a rushed a hectic life with busy schedules to stick to, places to be and people to meet. Most of our time is spent looking at computer screens or talking on mobile phones and it’s easy to begin to forget and overlook the natural beauty of the world that is present all around us. One of the easiest ways to get back in touch with nature is to leave the city behind and head somewhere that has preserved its original natural state and geology. Lord Howe is the perfect example of such a place as a World Heritage listed and protected site, you really can leave your non-stop technologically dependent world behind you. This place is developed enough to stay connected to the world and enjoy modern luxuries whilst simultaneously enjoying the serene natural surroundings in a number of ways.

Watch the islands graceful and rare birds

Lord Howe is known for its spectacular bird watching opportunities and is home to countless species of rare and exotic birds. Impressive sites that can be seen here include the different species of sea birds that breed in huge numbers reaching hundreds of thousands. A great spectacle not to be missed if you are on the island between September and May is the dawn returning of huge flocks of shearwaters.

Take part in some of the island legendary fishing

Fishing on the island has become legendary and for experienced anglers and novices alike, it is an experience not to be missed. Hot spots are numerous and you can experiment with different methods and be sure to make a number of catches. Try to catch a certain three species of fish in one sitting to achieve the grand slam and catch and release to preserve the great quality of fishing.

Cool off in the water snorkelling over the incredible colourful coral reefs

The snorkelling available in the waters around Lord Howe is some of the best in the world and is a must do activity for anyone visiting the island. The huge numbers of fish and the large areas covered in colourful coral reef will leave you in awe. Swimming in this beautiful clear blue sea and cooling off after some time in the sun is a great pleasure anyway but the additional underwater scenery makes it all that much better and more memorable.

Go a little deeper and scuba dive for a chance to see the islands unique mixture of marine life

For those who want to go one-step further and really get up close and personal with the marine life, scuba diving is a lot of fun and you will be sure to get value for money as you won’t be able to help but see a great array of incredible marine life. Many of the species of fish seen here are hard to find in other areas of the world and certainly the combination and great diversity of fish, makes diving here a unique experience.

The Various Types of Bali Luxury Villas

There is no doubt that Bali is one of best tourist spots in the world.  You can visit many heritage sites and indulge in the rich culture of the place.  Most people who vacation here dread the part where they will decide on an accommodation.  People who are private and choose serenity would often opt for Bali luxury villas, but some fear that this is an expensive choice.  There are actually several villas that are affordable.  You can look at villas that will suit your individual needs and styles.  The following are the various types of Bali luxury villas that you can choose from:

First on the list goes to beach front Bali luxury villas, as the name implies, the villas are actually large bungalows that faces the beach.  These are by far the best option when you visit Bali, why, because this island is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.  For those who prefer a quiet evening, they can relax in the balcony with a cup of coffee while watching the sunset.  Each room is equipped with modern amenities that can make your stay comfortable.  This is not only a place to pamper the rich and famous, but it is also a place that will enable a common man to enjoy the luxuries of life.

Next on the list are ocean view Bali luxury villas which provide a spectacular view of the ocean.  There are even some that are built so close to the sea that you feel as if it was really built on water.  This also tops the list of accommodations for most tourists.  Their marketing strategy is to lure customers using their refined architectural design as well as other aesthetic qualities that will leave any guest clearly spell bound.  Expect nothing short of the best when you choose luxury villas with ocean view.

You can also choose to stay at the rice field Bali luxury villas especially if you want a taste of the village life.  The villas are actually situated in the heart of the village.  It provides ultimate privacy, serenity and seclusion.  Those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life will find this option amenable.

And lastly there are golf villas; these are the perfect option for those who enjoy the sport so much even while they are on vacation.  There are lush fields fit for golf tournaments or just a friendly tee off with acquaintances.

These are some of the many options that you can consider.  Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is book the place and the rest they say is history.  Experience an awesome vacation that will leave you with lasting memories for a lifetime.

Traveling from different places

Traveling from different places all around the world is the most exciting thing to do especially if you are travelling with your fiancé or wife. Every people dream about this and I think no one can resist not to travel if they got a chance to enjoy and experience to have a vacation on one of the perfect places like France or Maui or other wonderful places that has unique delicacies and culture to offer every traveler for them to enjoy.

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Planning to go and depart from Heathrow Airport

Planning to go and depart from Heathrow Airport can be very convenient especially if you know where to go and search for Heathrow Airport parking for you not to experience any trouble finding one. London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest international airports around the globe serving London, England, and United Kingdom so it is very important to find a parking space for your car before you go there for you not to worry on anything.

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Easily find cheap hotels in Cyprus or in any part of the world

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The Joyous And Colorful Barcelona

The second largest city of Spain in terms of size and population has been touching new heights over the last two decades specifically after the Olympics were hosted in the city in year 1992. The city has set a new trend in modern architecture retaining the old charm of traditional Gothic and Romanesque structures at the same time. The city has more of everything whether it’s the Sunshine in abundance, lovely beaches, mountainous landscapes, National Parks, Museums, Cathedrals, Squares, amazing Street life and colorful shopping complexes makes it an incredible must visit destination. Its friendly people with rich culture add to the color and celebrations making it one of the most favored Joyous Cities.

The only complain one may have is that a week’s holiday may not be just enough to explore the beauty of the city and surrounding attractions. It is not feasible to include all attractions here, but yes, the top colorful attractions in brief are:

Sagrada Família Church:

The church is known as the most important landmark of the city though the construction of this marvelous structure is yet to be completed. The construction began in 1882 by designer Architect Fransisco de Paula del Villar with an aim to end the growing de-Christianization in the city. It was later taken over by the famous Architect Antoni Gaudi in 1883 who brought in his own neo-Gothic style. With his death and civil war the construction remained incomplete and is now scheduled to be completed by 2030. Visitors can witness the tomb of Gaudi, huge pillars and various vaults and a museum in the church. The structure is intimidating with its rich design and size from outside; one could use the elevator to reach at the top to have a panoramic view of the city. It also has two massive domes meant to represent the Christ and Virgin Mary.

Park Güel

It is a beautiful park on the hills of Montaña Pelada built by renowned industrialist Count Eusebi Güell. Though the plan was to build 60 houses in the premises, only two could be built, of which one was later bought by Gaudí. The house still has the original furniture designed by Gaudí including other personal items on display. Right from the sight at the entrance where you will come across a dragon fountain you will be pleasantly surprised with the aura of the whole park. Stairs from the entrance leads to Gran Placa Circular originally meant to be a market place has the longest serpentine bench in the complex. The colorful bench made of ceramic tiles along with a view of the spectacular Mediterranean Sea is mesmerizing. Due to its unique design it has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

La Seu Cathedral

Built in 14th century the church is a symbol of Catalan Gothic Architecture. It initially had a Roman temple followed by a mosque, a church and finally a cathedral. The gorgeous bell towers with Gothic summit over it are enigmatic in look and feel. It has many side chapels with one of it containing the tomb of St. Olegarius, the archbishop who died in 1136. The illuminated bright glass windows in one of the naves inside the cathedral are awesome. It also has a crypt containing the casket of Santa Eulalia, the young girl who attained martyrdom in the hands of the Romans for her religious beliefs. The famous portico of the central courtyard is said to have thirteen geese at a time believed to be representing the young girl’s life depicting each year. The museum and artifacts will take you to another era that mesmerizes one to no end.

Pueblo Español (Spanish Village)

As the name suggests it is a charming village on the hilltop Montjuïc built in year 1929 with a purpose of showcasing the country in an International Exhibition. The charismatic feature includes architectural replicas representing each of the countries many provinces. Experience the calm with no traffic inside where you would get authentic artifacts made by craftsmen and artists in various stores. With a good number of restaurants and bars it is very popular among tourists.


Located in the center of the city, it is a hill featuring many attractions at one spot. Historically it was used to host ceremonies and celebrations. Among the colorful features are the museum Palau Nacional, Magic fountain in the backdrop of a palace looks fabulous when illuminated, Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Poble Espanyol the village, Anella Olímpica that was built for 1992 Olympics, Montjuïc Gardens with huge and rare collection of plants and the renowned 18th century Fortress Castell de Montjuïc.

Among other noted must visit attractions are its beaches like Barceloneta, Bogatell, Nova Icaria and Mar Bella, spots like Gran Teatre del Liceu, Picasso Museum, The Ciutadella Park, Santa Maria del Mar Basilica and The Ramblas. The cuisine including the Tapas, fish, barbecue and great accommodation options along with quality infrastructure and a perfect connectivity by Rail, Road and Air makes it a hot spot. Immerse yourself in the celebrations and enjoy a Great City that is nothing but Color and Joy everywhere!

About The Author:
Jenny is a travel addict, who writes about her travel experience. She has spent the last 2 years living and travelling in Spain. Jenny also recommends visiting Outlet4spain accommodation in Sitges who provide options to book your holiday accommodation in Spain.

Tips to make Holiday Travel Easier

The holidays can be quite hectic but they are often a time when people travel to see family and friends or to take a well deserved vacation. Following some basic tips will help ensure you have the best time when you travel during this time of year. Being prepared for things to go wrong is the first step in minimizing the damages and getting on with your holiday travel plans.

Make sure you have all of your tickets and confirmation numbers in a specific place. It is a good idea to make a copy of the information as well as the contact number for your tickets and place it in another location. This way if you lose the originals you will have all the necessary information to take care of it. You should call about a week before your travel dates to make sure your reservation is still active for all modes of transportation and your accommodations.

It is common for flights, trains, and buses to get delayed over the holidays due to security issues, weather, and trying to meet the needs of the volumes of people using such modes of transportation over the holidays. Make sure you have plenty of money, food, drinks, and necessities to get you through these delays. They can range from a couple of hours to a few days. If you will be traveling a long distance you should consider bringing along activities to pass the time, especially if you are traveling with children.

If you take prescription medications you need to make sure you have them clearly labeled. You may get questioned about them if they aren’t in the bottle you picked them up at from the pharmacy. It is a good idea to have a written note from your doctor regarding the medication as well. Makes sure you have enough of it for the entire trip including any delays that may occur.

Lost luggage is one of the biggest problems when people travel, and it compounds during the holidays because of how busy everyone is. While you really can’t prevent your luggage from getting lost, you can do your best to make sure you have all you need in the mean time. Make sure each person traveling in your party has clothing in all of the suitcases instead of making one for each person. This way everyone will have a chance to have some items should a bag or two get lost in the shuffle.

Clearly identify your luggage so that you will be sure to get yours upon reaching your destination. Too many bags look the same and many people are in a hurry when they travel for the holidays. Place a colorful ribbon or colored tape on your bags if you carry the styles and colors that are very popular. If you travel often you should consider some unique looking luggage that will stand out.

Traveling during the holidays needs to be as smooth as possible to ensure you will enjoy your trip. By taking the time to follow these tips you can help make that happen. There are plenty of horror stories out there about people not being able to get to their destination for the holidays or they didn’t have the items they needed upon arriving. Don’t open the door for your holiday vacation to fit into this grim category.

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